¿Donde puedo comprar Lamberts Beta Caroteno Natural 90 cápsulas? Puedes comprar este producto en la tienda oficial de Lamberts en este enlace: https://www.suplments.com/lamberts-beta-caroteno-natural-90-capsulas/

Las caracterítiscas de Lamberts Beta Caroteno Natural 90 cápsulas son las siguientes: 

Lamberts Natural Beta Carotene 15mg 90 capsules. With Mixed Carotenoids Beta carotene belongs to the family of carotenoids in the body and serves as a precursor to Vitamin A. It is one of the most important phytopigments and is found throughout the plant kingdom for human nutrition. It is often called as "provitamin A". The transformation of the beta carotene into vitamin A takes place in the liver, kidney and intestinal mucosa at a rate which varies with each individual, depending on their physiological needs beta carotene is now recognized as a major health substance itself same, one of the main antioxidants provides our diet. Antioxidants help the body destroy or neutralize harmful free radicals that occur naturally and, if left unaddressed, can damage tissues and organs Lamberts Natural Beta Carotene is extracted from the alga Dunaliella salina, pink algae living on the surface of salt lakes and containing small amounts of other mixed carotenoids. The growth of this organism is controlled in an aqueous medium of high salinity to prevent contamination by harmful microorganisms.

El precio PVP de Lamberts Beta Caroteno Natural 90 cápsulas es:

30.55 €

Foto de Lamberts Beta Caroteno Natural 90 cápsulas:

Lamberts Beta Caroteno Natural 90 cápsulas


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